Satanist and wife killed men, buried them in yard, police say

SALISBURY, N.C. — A Salisbury family has more questions than answers after a father missing for years was found buried in the backyard of a self-proclaimed Satanist.
For five years a Salisbury family has been holding out hope that their loved one was still alive.

But now they're forced to come to grips with the death of Joshua Wetzler.

We spoke to his mother today by phone.
"It's tough," his mother Martha Wetzler said. "Everybody knew something had to have happened because he would've called."

She told Channel 9 she last spoke to her son in June of 2009.
Joshua Wetzler's son and ex-girlfriend live in Salisbury. 

They reported him missing soon after his disappearance and that's when police started looking into Pazuzu Algarad -- a self-proclaimed Satanist.
Algarad's home in Clemmons is painted with pentagrams and had his tongue is surgically forked.
Family members said he bragged about killing people and burying them in his backyard.
Five years ago, police searched the backyard and found nothing.
Recently, there was another murder investigation at the same home.
This time they found the remains of Joshua Wetzler and another man, Tommy Welch.
Algarad killed Wetzler and Amber Burch killed Welch, according to arrest warrants.

Authorities believe the couple helped each other bury the bodies.

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