Quail Hollow Club neighbors sell PGA parking spots for top dollar

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Dozens of yards near Quail Hollow Country Club in south Charlotte have been transformed into parking lots.


The spots are selling for top dollar on Sharon Acres because the street backs right into the course.

The closer you get to the course, the higher the rates climb.

Spots in yards several blocks away clock in at $40 and $50 per car. Residents who live closest to the course are asking up to $100 a car.

Some neighbors told Channel 9 they're pulling in $1,500 a day just by renting out their yards.

By the time the PGA Championship's over, many will pocket between $6,000 and $8,000.

There isn't an age limit for those running lucrative side businesses.

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"Right now me and him are at like $600 each," 11-year-old Wyatt Atkins said.

He and his other young family members are pulling down $600 a day selling lemonade and water.

They came all the way from Charleston to make cash off the visitors passing their grandmother's yard.

Wedged between the people selling tickets and yard space, a group of other kids is raising money for a nonprofit.

"We've made over a $1,000 so far," 13-year-old Colin Shaver said.

He banded together with his siblings and neighbors to ask the steady stream of golf fans to donate to the American Heart Association because it helped his grandfather.

"For the first two years we did it, we're seeing almost more than double," Shaver said.

The kids and the rest of their neighbors do this every year for the Wells Fargo Championship, but they said the PGA Championship is truly helping them cash-in this year.

All the extra money people are making off the cars and ticket sales isn't just going to things like home improvement projects and charity.

One teen told Channel 9 he's using his money to pay for a trip to Europe.

Neighbors said the only downside to making the easy money is some of it may have to go back into resodding their yards.

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