Search warrants reveal new evidence in missing Charlotte woman case

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — More than five months since Anastasia Meaders, 28, disappeared, her family said they’re not giving up.

“It’s hard to deal with every day. It’s hard and I love her and miss her so much,” said Meaders' sister, Nakishia Meaders.

Nakishia Meaders has taken the search for her sister to the streets and neighborhoods where she hopes someone may know something about her disappearance.

“I want everybody to know if I’m riding around, if anybody could have seen my sister,” she said.

Police found Anastasia Meaders' car last summer in a park in Mooresville.

A new search warrant of the car reveals that tests on the trunk indicate the possible presence of proteins found in bodily fluids. Police are testing those fluids, which they said could be a key to their investigation.

Investigators have not said if the discovery points to Timothy Crumitie, a Concord man who was the focus of two shooting investigations and an arson case and is currently in jail.

Nakishia Meaders told police that Crumitie was with her sister at a salon on Sharon Amity Road just before she disappeared.

(Timothy Crumitie)

Crumitie has been a suspect in two murders in Concord and one in Charlotte but was never tried. He’s now charged with attacking the Meader sisters' mother and killing Nakishia Meaders' boyfriend in August.

Police are asking anyone with information on Anastasia’s Meaders' case to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

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