Small-city protesters determined to see change in their communities

Small-city protesters determined to see change in their communities

CONCORD, N.C. — It’s remarkable to see how many people are inspired to act and create positive change after the death of George Floyd.

The movement has touched thousands of people in Charlotte, Washington D.C. and London -- but it isn’t just happening in big cities.

People is smaller cities are also joining the cause. Organizers in Concord told Channel 9′s Susanna Black that they’re determined to see change in their city.

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Walter Dobyns and EJ Player said they knew that when they started walking down the street, people would follow.

But said they were still shocked by the turnout at a protest they organized with their group, Concord Civil Activist.

They said they were inspired by protests they saw happening in cities across the country, so they put their heads together with more than a dozen others to bring similar energy home to their city.

“I said we need some voices to be heard not just heard but we need changes to be made as well,” Player said.

The pair told Channel 9 that the protests are just the start to raise awareness to their mission.

Next comes, accountability and action -- like sitting in on local meetings and creating space for open conversations within the community to gauge what’s important to their neighbors.

Brian Little and his family said they only heard about the group two days ago.

“They invited me to the group on Facebook and I just immediately thought, 'This is what I’m looking for, A place I can make my voice heard locally,” Little said.

After meeting with Player and Dobyns, Little said he is more than ready to support them.

“They’re dedication to the cause and their desire to this become a movement and not just an activist group," Little said.

People like Little show the pair that their efforts really do mean something and really can bring change.

“A better day is definitely coming, it’s definitely coming,” Player.

Concord Civil Activist is planning to march every single week. The group’s next event is scheduled for Sunday at 4 p.m.

County wants anyone who attends protest to get tested for COVID-19