Some CMS teachers have to repay $750 COVID stipend because of payroll error

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will take hundreds of dollars out of some teachers’ paychecks in November.

According to school officials, teachers were given a COVID-19 stipend in June for their hard work during the pandemic. The money was supposed to be a one-time payment of $750 but some teachers received $1,500 instead.

One teacher reached out to Channel 9 and said employees contacted the payroll department about the mistake but were told it shouldn’t be a problem.

On Thursday, some teachers received an email from payroll that $750 would be taken out of their paycheck to address the overpayment.

Channel 9 asked CMS why the district was taking action nearly four months later. CMS said that out of more than 10,000 employees who received the stipend, 319 were overpaid after a payroll error.

“State statute requires CMS to recoup overpayments to employees regardless of the cause of the overpayment,” CMS said in a statement to Channel 9. “While we understand that making repayment can be a financial hardship for employees, we are required to recoup the funds and, if necessary, can recoup against future earnings. Employees may reach out to the payroll department with questions or to request recoupment over multiple pay periods, if needed.”

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