Supply chain issues have trouble brewing for local craft beer industry

WAXHAW, N.C. — Dreamchasers Brewery owner Neil Gimon is feeling the supply pinch down in Waxhaw. He and wife Anita opened the business in 2016.

Grain deliveries have become a major issue. His main supplier mills the grain for the brewery and ships it — but a switch to FedEx for delivery has resulted in continued problems.

“When you have two out of the three elements you need for brewing, it’s very frustrating,” Gimon says.

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He’s had to call on other local brewers to borrow or buy grain at times. Delays have pushed back his brewing schedule by at least three weeks, leaving fermentor tanks empty.


“We’ve had a couple of empty tap handles because of not being able to brew in a timely manner,” he says.

Supply chain issues could be a sign of things to come, says Bart Watson, chief economist with the Brewers Association.

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