Supporters hold rally Saturday at Gaston County Confederate statue

Supporters hold rally Saturday at Gaston County Confederate statue

GASTONIA, N.C. — Supporters of the Confederate monument outside of the Gaston County Courthouse held a rally Saturday to save it.

Organizers said the monument is about their history, but it has been the focus of controversy and protests since late June.


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Officials with the Gaston County Chapter of the Conservative Action said they intended to hold a rally with potentially 100 people, expressing their disapproval of the county’s actions.

County commissioners voted Monday to relocate the statue to private property.

Many say the statue is a racist symbol and shouldn’t be on county property.

Gaston County residents find flyers in yards supporting controversial statue

Channel 9 spoke with one of the organizers of the rally, who said it is important that these statues remain because it is part of her family’s history and the community’s history as well.

“I wish they would understand and also believe that what happened with George Floyd was absolutely horrible murder in Minneapolis, but I don’t think it is an appropriate reason at this time to remove statues in Gastonia,” organizer Lisa Rudisill said.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans have six months to find a new home for the statue.