Tricks instead of treats: Parents upset after finding brass pins in kid’s Halloween bags

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Several parents said their children got tricks instead of treats on Halloween night in the Riverwalk neighborhood in Rock Hill. They contacted Channel 9 after finding brass pins in their kids’ bags.

There doesn’t appear to be an arrest or anyone charged. It’s listed as a misdemeanor crime but Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon spoke to some people who said it’s much more serious than that.

“They take Halloween very seriously in this neighborhood,” resident Natalie Raymond said.

People were not happy when sharp paper fasteners showed up in children’s Halloween bags on Sunday.

“I think it’s just disgusting that someone would think a trick like that is appropriate,” resident Diane Brown said.

One parent told police that sharp office supplies used to keep papers clipped together were in their children’s bags. The police report didn’t mention a suspect by name, but said that person told officers they “ran out of treats and gave tricks.”

“Simply enough, you could have just turned off the lights and not let any more kids come,” Raymond said.

People brought truckloads of children to the neighborhood because of the Halloween decor, and all of the parking places were packed.

“They are so young, and they could have just put the tacks in their mouth,” Raymond said.

Police said, fortunately, no one put the items in their mouths. Authorities told Channel 9 this is not a case of “no harm, no foul.”

One man told Channel 9 that someone should be charged and arrested.

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