Troopers: Dog to blame after car crashes into building

Troopers: Dog to blame after car runs into building

DENVER, N.C. — A car crashed into a Lincoln County business Wednesday morning, knocking employees inside off their feet.
The pet grooming shop was condemned after the accident knocked it off its foundation.

Ingrid, her husband and their dog, Soffie, where headed to Sheila's Grooming, near Denver.
The dog spotted the shop.
"She got all excited," Deitel Zeiffer said.
Soffie began jumping around in their car.
"I had her on the leash, and she jumped on my right foot," said Ingrid Zeiffer.
Ingrid Zeiffer couldn't get her foot off of the gas.
She rammed the shop, knocking the owner inside off her feet and shifting the shop off its foundation.
The shop owner is safe but overwhelmed. Her business is condemned because it is too dangerous to go inside.
North Carolina Highway Patrol said it was an accident and charges would not be filed.
Officials said the lesson is dogs on the way to the groomers should ride in a crate.

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