Suspect arrested after overnight shooting at south Charlotte motel

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police have made an arrest following a shooting that took place overnight at a motel in south Charlotte.

[IMAGES: Man shot at south Charlotte Motel 6]

Authorities said they responded to a call around 2:45 a.m. about a robbery and assault at the Motel 6 on South Tryon Street, but when officers arrived, they didn't find anyone.

(Interview: Witness had a close encounter with shooter at Motel 6)

About 15 minutes later, they said a person who'd been shot at the motel showed up at the hospital.

Channel 9 was there as officers spotted the shooting suspect near the motel and took him into custody.

Investigators said the suspect apparently lives at the motel and came back minutes after the shooting.

Channel 9 cameras were rolling as police sprinted after the shooting suspect with their guns drawn.

They captured him a half a block away from the Motel 6 on South Tryon Street, ending the chaos there Tuesday morning that started with gunshots.

"It sounded real close. We heard them real close,” said witness Shanice Logan.

A man, who didn’t want to be identified, ran outside when he heard the shooting and had a close encounter with the shooter.

"Guy approached me, had blood all over him,” he said.

At first, the man said the shooter was covered in scratches and bruises and claimed he was a victim of a crime.

"He kept saying he got jumped and someone tried to rob him,” the man said.

So a group tried to help him, taking him inside their room at the Motel 6 and even giving him a new clean shirt, the witness said.

Then, he said the man admitted he was the shooter.

He said the man pulled out the gun and asked the good Samaritans to leave it in their room.

"Get out of my room. I didn't want no part of it,” the man said.

Minutes later, the shooter was in handcuffs, arrested and accused of shooting a 27-year-old man.

The shooting victim was driven to the hospital and went into surgery Tuesday morning.

"Don't do a lot of good to help anybody anymore, does it,?” the man said. “(It) Gets you in trouble (when you) help somebody."

The accused shooter and victim's names have not yet been released, nor have details surrounding the shooting.

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