VIDEO: Raleigh police officers under investigation, accused of using excessive force

RALEIGH, N.C. — Some Raleigh police are under investigation after they are accused of using excessive force on a man.

In a video, you can see Frederick Hall throw punches at officers.

Police countered the punches with punches of their own, along with a taser and two officers pulled out their batons and hit Hall.

The video shows the baton beating continues after officers have subdued Hall.

Hall's family joined with their local NAACP chapter calling for justice.

"How can you justify kicking, stomping someone's head? How can you justify beating someone with a baton? How?" Hall's sister Angee Sam said.

The family is also upset because Hall is in the hospital and they say they are not allowed to see him right now.

They shared a video of security blocking them from entering the hospital. One of the family members was charged with trespassing.

They say all they know about Hall's condition is that he is alive.

The Raleigh Police Department and a district attorney are reviewing the video to determine if officers broke any laws or violated department policy.

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