Video shows teen passing out in chokehold during school fight

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Startling video from inside East Rowan High School shows a fight between students, one stuck in a chokehold so long he lost consciousness.

Rowan County investigators said it all started with a bitter feud on Facebook that spilled on to school grounds and led to the brutal fight.

The video shows East Rowan High School students yelling their classmates’ names as a 15-year-old boy locks a 16-year-old in a chokehold until he passes out.

Nicole Isbanioly, whose stepsons go to East Rowan, saw the disturbing video posted on Facebook.

"It just looked like his last breath and then after that seeing him collapse that way," she said. "It was just kind of sad. It was heartbreaking."

Channel 9 obtained a report from the Sheriff's Office that states the fight happened at noon Thursday at noon and the teen was left unconscious.

Click play to watch a version of this video:

(Courtesy: Rowan Free Press)

A school nurse checked the teen to make sure he was OK and the school resource officer launched an investigation. A spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office says 15-year-old will face juvenile charges and the teen who was choked was arrested the next day for cyberbullying.

"As a parent, it makes me upset to think on either side that would have taken place," parent Christy Goodman said.

Eyewitness News contacted the district to ask about disciplinary actions.

The administration responded with the following statement: "Student discipline records are confidential education records due to federal and state guidelines. We are aware of an incident at East Rowan High but we cannot answer any specific questions regarding what procedures we followed nor what consequences students faced other than to say we follow the RSS Code of Conduct. Generally speaking, when an incident involves a potential criminal matter, we refer the matter to law enforcement."

The school resource officer is meeting with the juvenile court counselor to do the paperwork to file charges against the 15-year-old.

Family members didn't want to go on camera but say the 16-year-old who was choked is doing OK.

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