• Well-known companies, including Charlotte Knights, late in paying taxes

    By: Mark Becker


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - You pay your taxes on time, but Channel 9 uncovered that some of the top brands in Charlotte are late in paying their taxes.

    The Charlotte Knights owed $171,000, but just paid their bill on Wednesday, which is a month late.

    Companies like Snyder's-Lance, the Cato Corporation, and Charlotte School of Law were in the top five, amounting to almost $1 million in unpaid taxes that were due a month ago.

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    "Sometimes there are financial issues. They chose to pay something else," Mecklenburg County tax collector Neal Dixon said.

    Dixon said Cato Corporation officials paid the bill on Tuesday. 

    A spokesman for Snyder's-Lance said officials are in discussions over the amount of the bill, but have paid in full, and said the company shouldn't be on the Mecklenburg County tax collector's delinquent list.

    Dixon said that his agency will collect about 99 percent of the tax money that is owed.

    "Maybe it's human nature, but sometimes people wait till the last minute, and it slips by them," Dixon said.

    Channel 9 showed Charlotte resident Lisa Link the amount of money the companies owe in taxes. She said she owns two homes and pays her taxes on time every year and doesn't see why some of those companies can't do the same.

    "That is not good enough and unacceptable," Link said.

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