Woman claims Panthers player Butler pushed her down stairs

Woman claims Panthers player Butler pushed her down stairs

DALLAS, TEXAS — A woman is pressing charges against Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Vernon Butler.

She said he pushed her, and she fell down the stairs at a nightclub.

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The woman’s attorney, Justin Moore, said Butler knew of the woman through Instagram and that he saw her at a nightclub in Dallas, Texas, two weeks ago.

The woman said Butler asked for her phone number, but she declined.

She said he threw ice at her face and pushed her out of the VIP section.

She claimed she fell down the stairs, and he pushed her again. She said her face was bruised.

Moore said security escorted the woman out of the club because Butler was hosting an event.

Moore said he wants a harsh punishment that would include jail time.

“It’s egregious miscarriage of justice to say a large man, (6 foot 5 inches tall), 320 pounds, and a woman who is (5 feet tall) pushing her twice, amounts to a speeding ticket,” Moore said.

Currently, investigators are considering charging him with a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine.

Moore wants it to be reclassified.

“This needs to be addressed as a Class A misdemeanor where Butler could face a maximum penalty of two years in jail,” Moore said.

He and his client were told that police are still investigating the incident and could hear something more by Friday.

The attorney also says they have not had any communication with the Panthers or the NFL.

Channel 9 contacted the police department, but they would not comment.

Channel 9 also asked the Panthers for a statement and asked what that means for Butler's future on the team. The team has not replied.

Players started training camp in Spartanburg Thursday.