Woman claims sea lice at North Carolina beach caused family distress

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. — A woman visiting a North Carolina beach said sea lice is causing her children extreme pain and itchy, irritating skin, WECT reported.

Caroline Roberts said she took her family to Carolina Beach, where she claims the tiny jellyfish larvae, which can get caught in swimsuits and sting their victims, were a problem.

"I have three children covered in sea lice. They cry themselves to sleep, It's like chickenpox," Roberts told WECT. "I saw several other children on the beach scratching also."

Roberts said she spoke with a lifeguard in Carolina Beach on Thursday who confirmed there was a problem.

However, Chad Soward of the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue said he has received no reports of sea lice. Soward said there will not be a warning flag flown.

"We would probably only put out a warning to swimmers if there were heavy rip currents of course, or perhaps if Portuguese Man O' Wars invaded the area," Soward told WECT.

Roberts said she is treating her three children with Benadryl and prescription steroids, but they are not getting relief, WECT reported.

Because sea lice are the size of a pinhead, they are tough to find.

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