• Police: Woman says 'sorry' while robbing pharmacy of 1,000 painkillers

    By: Blair Miller


    MOORESVILLE, N.C. - Police in Mooresville need the public’s help to find a woman who they said walked out of a pharmacy with a lot of prescription drugs.

    But they said this was no typical drug store robbery: Investigators told Channel 9 the woman claimed she was being forced to commit the robbery and even apologized for it.

    Police sent Channel 9 surveillance photos of the woman robbing the Walgreens pharmacy on River Highway Wednesday night, stealing 1,000 hydrocodone pills.

    The photos were taken at the CVS store across the street moments before the robbery.

    Officers said she walked into the Walgreen’s pharmacy, kept her hands in her pockets and demanded the painkillers.

    Maj. Gerald Childress said it’s what the woman claimed that is so unusual.

    “She made an indication, some comments to the management staff there, that there was a gentleman there that was making her do this,” said Childress.

    Witnesses told police they were not sure if she had a weapon, but suggested she did by keeping her hands in her pockets during the robbery.

    They said the robber even acted as if she felt bad for doing it.

    “There was a comment she did make, an apologetic fashion saying, ‘I’m sorry. He’s making me do this,’” Childress said.

    While police are still trying to confirm the details, they are focused on finding the woman.

    They believe she ran from the store and left in a red car.

    Police are concerned with the amount of drugs she got away with.

    “This was quite a bit of hydrocodone she obtained,” Childress said.

    Anyone with information on the woman is urged to call police.

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