• UNC Charlotte shooting victim calls for gun legislation


    RALEIGH, N.C. -  A survivor of the UNC Charlotte shooting and Democratic state politicians are urging action on stalled gun-control legislation.

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    Shooting survivor Drew Pescaro lamented Tuesday that the April 30 attack at UNCC didn't prompt the Republican-run General Assembly to act.

    Pescaro said two Democrat-sponsored bills long-stalled in committees might have prevented a gunman from killing two and wounding four in his classroom. He raised his shirt to show bullet holes in his abdomen and back.

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    "I am never going to forget this because it is what I have to look at in the mirror every single day. I have a scar down my abdomen. I have a bullet hole right here, and I have a bullet hole an inch from my spine. The fact that I am even standing here right now is a miracle," Pescaro said.

    Democrats want to force action on legislation allowing family or police to get a court order removing firearms if someone is judged a danger to themselves or others.

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    Another measure would prohibit assault-style weapons for anyone under 21, ban high-capacity bullet magazines and require firearm liability insurance.

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