16-foot Burmese python found under home in Florida Everglades

Burmese Python Found Under Home in Florida Everglades

A 16-foot female Burmese python and more than 50 eggs were removed from beneath a house in the Florida Everglades on Saturday, WSVN reported.

The reptile, weighing approximately 165 pounds, was found in western Broward County, according to WTVJ, It was removed by Everglades conservationist Ron Bergeron, the television station reported.

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The nest of the invasive snake was lodged within the outdoor structure, and some of the snakes had already hatched, according to WTVJ.

“The Burmese python poses a significant threat to the Florida Everglades by disrupting the natural food chain,” Bergeron told the television station. “With good fortune, we were able to find a large female, and remove her and an entire nest of up to 50 baby snakes which would have continued killing off our precious habitat.”

Environmentalists said the species is responsible for killing deer, alligators and other wildlife, WTVT reported.

Burmese pythons were first spotted in Florida more than 20 years ago, WTVJ reported.