Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner receive unique wedding gift: Action figures of themselves

What do you get a celebrity couple who has everything as a wedding gift? Nick Jonas and Sophie Turner learned the answer to that question at their recent nuptials: Action figures of themselves.

Frankie Jonas (also known as the "Bonus Jonas," since, unlike his brothers, he hasn't done many music or acting gigs) commissioned California-based toy designer Dano Brown to create action figures bearing resemblance to his older brother and new sister-in-law.

Brown shared a picture of the figures Saturday to Instagram. The action figures are wearing matching parka jackets, inspired by a photo that's visible on the special packaging. The packaging says "G.I. JOPHIE: MATRIMONY EDITION" -- a combination of the couples' names and the classic "G.I. Joe" toy.

"I was hired by Frankie Jonas to make this wedding gift for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Obviously a huge deal for me," Brown wrote. "I was hoping they’d share a pic but I imagine they have at least 1000 other gifts to go through and probably at least half of those are way cooler so I’m giving in and sharing it anyway. Frankie was super good to me and gave me total creative freedom aside from the title, which he thought up, which is probably the best part of the whole thing. Very honored to get this gig!"

Brown filled US Weekly in on some of the details of making the figures.

“Frankie sent me the picture and asked me to model the figures after that,” he said. “It took about two weeks once we settled on a picture. The jackets were a challenge to sculpt but we were both really happy with it.”

Frankie Jonas reiterated his satisfaction with the finished product in the comments.

"Still so in love with this piece, perfect gift for the perfect duo," he wrote. "Your work on this couldn't be more perfect!"

Joe Jonas, 29, is known for his work as a member of "The Jonas Brothers" singing group with his brothers, Kevin and Nick. Turner, 23, is an actress whose biggest credit to date was as Sansa Stark in "Game of Thrones." The couple first tied the knot in May in a surprise Las Vegas chapel wedding. In June, they had a bigger second wedding.