‘We’ve been quarantined’: Alabama principal sings coronavirus parody duet with husband

‘We’ve been quarantined’: Alabama principal sings coronavirus parody duet with husband
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton took "Islands in the Stream to No. 1 in 1983. An Alabama principal rewrote the lyrics and performed a duet with her husband that has gone viral. (Beth Gwinn/Redferns)

GULF SHORES, Ala. — There is plenty of tension and anxiety as students return to an uncertain school year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

An Alabama high school principal and her husband decided to change that.

Cindy Veazey, the principal at Gulf Shores High School, and her husband, Jimmy Veazey, performed a spot-on parody duet of “Islands in the Stream” renaming it “We’ve Been Quarantined,” AL.com reported.

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The Veazeys welcomed back faculty and staff for orientation with their revamped version of the 1983 duet by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers that went to No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

Here’s a sample of the chorus:

“We’ve been quarantined/That is where we’ve been

“Social distancing/We can’t see our friends.

“Stay away from me/You’re not family

“Or we’ll give c’rona to each other, ah ha.”

“Back to school is always stressful for teachers and this year especially,” Cindy Veazey told AL.com. “I said I just need to do something funny and something light because we’re all stressed out.

“If I’d known this was going to happen, I would have practiced more and gotten a better sound system.”

Cindy Veazey said she wrote the lyrics late one night. She recruited her husband to do the duet because “I couldn’t ask anyone on such short notice.”

“He’s a team player.”

Jimmy Veazey gets in a couple of playful jabs at his wife during the song, noting that “changing out your PJs really wouldn’t hurt you” and “you could use a little makeup, ah ha.”

“The message is clear,” the Veazeys sang. “This could be the year we all go insane.”