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    Does your car need some auto repairs in Charlotte? Besides offering routine car maintenance at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte, we also have the resources to provide other valuable auto repairs. After all, we do have a Toyota Collision Center on our location! 

    At our Toyota Collision Center, our team members are equipped to provide important repairs ranging from cosmetic fixes to Toyota part replacement, and even extensive auto repairs! If you think your car needs certain repairs and fixes taken care of, like a paint job, then we can help you out. A car paint job can be used to fix a variety of issues like: 

    • Prepping the car for resale
    • Matching paint color for a new auto part
    • Replacing paint that has become too faded
    • Dings and scratches or chipped paint

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    Choosing to get your car re-painted may not be ranking high on your list of priorities, but this type of Charlotte car maintenance can go far in helping your vehicle out! Whether you want to restore it to tip-top shape, get it ready to trade-in or sell, or just fine-tune its appearance, a simple car paint job can help with all this and more. 

    One of the first decisions you have to make is you need to choose the kind of paint job you want your car to have – there are a couple different options to consider!

    Partial paint job 

    If there are just a few areas on your car that have become worn down or chipped off, then you may not have to completely re-paint the entire body of the car. A partial car paint job might just do the trick!

    In this scenario, minimal auto repairs are needed. Basically, only the panel that the chipped or worn-down paint is present on will be re-touched. Also, our team members are able to match the exact color of the vehicle and blend it in with the different panels. This basically ensures no one will ever notice new paint was applied!

    Full car paint job 

    Over time, your car will go through basic wear and tear – this much is certain. However, just because your ride might have undergone some use doesn’t mean you can’t restore it to its former glory! If the paint on your ride has faded to the extent re-touching a couple panels won’t do, you might want to explore giving it a full car paint job. If you decide to go this route than you can opt to re-paint it in any color you want, but if resale value is a concern it’s best to stick to its original shade. J

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    Think your ride’s exterior might need some TLC? Give our Toyota Collision Center a call at (888) 732-5310 to learn more about the car paint services we offer, and the other kinds of car maintenance in Charlotte we provide! 


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