• Explore the possibility of a N Charlotte Scion FR-S hybrid model!



    There have been a ton of rumors surrounding the new Scion FR-S in N Charlotte lately; one of the most exciting ones to date is the possibility of an open-top model. In fact, a concept car that enveloped exactly that was unveiled in Geneva last week at the Geneva Motor Show! We love the new design concepts that Toyota is brainstorming for this popular vehicle, but we’re also pretty enthusiastic about new technology that might be making its way under the hood – hybrid technology, to be exact. 

    You heard right! Toyota has been toying with the idea of releasing a hybrid Scion FR-S near Charlotte sometime in the future, to get in line with the go-green trend that so many drivers are embracing. However, this concept is still in the works. As you probably know, hybrid options like the N Charlotte Toyota Prius aren’t really renowned for their powerful performance – elements like horsepower and torque were dialed down in order to enhance fuel efficiency and eco-sensitivity. The challenge with morphing this new Scion into a hybrid will be retaining its impressive performance! 

    What would hybrid technology mean for the N Charlotte Scion FR-S? 

    What will the benefits of integrating hybrid technology into the N Charlotte Scion FR-S be, exactly? Let’s take a look: 

    • Increased fuel efficiency! The current Scion FR-S manages about 28 mpg combined; hybrid technology will take that to the next level. For example, the 2013 Toyota Prius c manages 53 mpg in the city and 48 mpg in the highway – imagine your favorite sports car producing that kind of efficiency (and imagine how happy your wallet will be!)! 
    • A more eco-friendly performance. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology incorporates both an electric motor and a gasoline engine under the hood, but it’s a parallel system. In other words, they can operate independently of one another for majorly enhanced efficiency. This cuts down severely on the amount of smog-forming emissions that your vehicle produces! You could go green AND look extremely cool in a hybrid Scion sports car. 

    You’ll absolutely love this affordable Scion sports car

    In our opinion, integrating hybrid technology into one of these popular new Scion models would only enhance its appeal to a larger crowd of drivers (like it’s not popular enough already!). The 2013 Scion FR-S has a ton of incredible selling points to offer in addition to a possibly green performance, such as: 

    • A superior sense of style, which is achieved by elements like sleek exterior lines, 18” alloy wheels, and a wide variety of eye-catching paint colors
    • A comfortable but sporty interior that boasts cruise control, sport bucket front seats, fold-flat rear seats for extra convenience, and a Pioneer Audio System (think Bluetooth)
    • Convenience factors sprinkled throughout the car, like remote keyless entry, power windows with a one-touch auto up/down option, and an analog tachometer

    Why wait until the hybrid model hits the presses? Come see everything the 2013 Scion FR-S in N Charlotte has to offer – and check out our phenomenal selection of hybrid vehicles while you’re at it! Our Toyota dealership is located at 13429 Statesville Rd – we’ll see you soon!