• What is a N Charlotte Scion Release Series?


    Everyone loves the N Charlotte Scion family. It’s a group of cars that was designed upon the principles of creativity and innovation, which pretty much guarantees that each of them has a funky flair mixed into its design, as well as features designed to keep you connected, comfortable, and efficient. To top it all off, they’re about as economical as it gets, including the iconic Scion FR-S sports car. It seems like it can’t get much better, right? 

    Wrong! Have you ever heard of new Scion near Charlotte that’s a Scion Release Series? Get ready – these limited edition models pack a punch with special features, unique design enhancements, and performance upgrades that are tough to beat… plus, they’re released in extremely limited numbers, so your vehicle will truly be one of a kind! We’ve got the scoop on what Scion Release Series models can bring to your drivetime! 

    New Scion Release Series offer upgrades and enhancements

    • We talked briefly about what makes these new Scion near Charlotte different from the normal models you’ll find on the lot, but let’s get into more details. First of all, appearance! Scion Release Series models always come in an exclusive paint color that you won’t typically find available, making them stand out in a big way. For example, the 2013 Scion tC RS 8.0 came in a bright cherry red hue! 
    • Additionally, Scion takes these new Scion Release Series options up a notch with custom accessories – they might add in a new spoiler, special alloy wheels, a new body kit, and more. One thing you can definitely count on is custom badges to let everyone know you’re behind the wheel of something specials! The interior gets a facelift too – more often than not, premium materials like SofTex or leather are used to create a special, lux feel. 
    • Did we mention that new technology is often in the picture in these new Scion in N Charlotte? You’ll most likely find upgrades in terms of entertainment, such as a new display audio system, upgraded app connectivity, or navigation capabilities. Scion also likes to toss in features like the Smart Key System or dual zone climate control for more comfort and convenience. 
    • You’ll also find more influence in your new Scion Release Series, in terms of who designed it! Toyota and Scion usually collaborate with other innovative companies to create these special edition models, like Five Axis Design and Toyota Racing Development. These collaborations lead to majorly impressive enhancements in both style and performance! 
    • Speaking of performance, you may find that taken up a notch as well if you get behind the wheel of a Scion Release Series in N Charlotte! Lowering springs, a redesigned exhaust, and more aerodynamic body kit are just a few examples of what might be put into play on a limited edition model!

    See what these new Scion in N Charlotte have to offer you today! 

    We regularly see these new Scion options – we just had the N Charlotte Scion 10 Series at our dealership, and we’re eagerly awaiting the Monogram Series, which is headed our way soon! Stay tuned, and come see what we’ve got to offer in the meantime – give us a shout at (888) 883-3797, and don’t forget to check out our money-saving Scion specials while you’re at it! 

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