• Will the next new Toyota near Charlotte be a DIY vehicle?


    We’re a huge fan of new Toyota concept cars at Toyota of North Charlotte! Toyota is renowned for coming out with exciting, innovative, and futuristic concept vehicles on a regular basis; while they might not all make it to our NC Toyota dealership, we do get to scope them out at car shows all over the country. Take the Toyota Corolla Furia and the Toyota FT-86, for example! However, one new Toyota concept car that really took us by surprise is the Toyota Camatte 57s – it’s a DIY vehicle!

    Will Toyota of N Charlotte ever see the Toyota Camatte 57s? 

    Sounds impossible, right? We thought so, too. However, Toyota designed this concept car with kids in mind, and they wanted to integrate the idea of teaching kids a little bit about the automotive world. (In our opinion, it’ll also teach them a lot about how hard work pays off – the Camatte 57s comes in 57 separate pieces that have to be assembled!). Although we won’t see this new Toyota in N Charlotte anytime soon, let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer! 

    The new Toyota Camatte 57S is a do-it-yourself car in all aspects. If you were to ever find this Toyota near Charlotte, you’d get 57 pieces to start with. You’d then assemble it and be able to take it for a spin. However, don’t expect to be hitting the highways around Toyota of N Charlotte in this concept vehicle – it’s designed with kids in mind, so Toyota ensured that it’s more suited for go-kart tracks and open fields than open roads! 

    Here are some other highlights you can expect from the Toyota Camatte 57s: 

    • It has a sporty open-top design, as well as interchangeable body panels (probably part of the reason it comes in 57 pieces).  You’ll also be running off of an electric motor in this new concept car!
    • This concept is actually an improvement upon a previous concept! The original Toyota Camatte was unveiled last year, and Toyota decided to up the ante and re-release it with some big upgrades this time around. 

    What other new Toyota options can you find today? 

    While we probably won’t see this new Toyota in N Charlotte anytime soon, we’re still excited about the fact that it’s establishing a new precedent in terms of concept cars (and maybe even future vehicles to come!). If you do, however, want to see what new Toyota options we have to offer you, why not pay us a visit today? We’ve got something for everyone – our selection encompasses cars, trucks, minivans, SUVs, hybrids and more. We’ve also got an amazing selection of used cars for sale, too! 

    Toyota of N Charlotte is located just off I-77 at exit 23, and you can give us a shout at (888) 883-3797 if you’d like to set up a test drive to take any of our vehicles out for a spin. Don’t forget, we offer aggressive prices, incredible finance rates, and even have the Auto Club Program to help you with any credit issues you might be facing while trying to purchase a used car. Visit us today and drive home happy!