• N Charlotte Toyota Prius c molded into four cool concept cars!


    Are you a fan of going green and looking stylish while you do it? If so, then you should definitely check out the 2013 Toyota Prius c near Charlotte. This new Toyota hybrid isn’t just known for its eco-friendly performance and fuel efficient ways – it’s also renowned for its compact sporty style, too! However, even though the original model is pretty sleek, Toyota took things to a whole new level in Japan this year at the Tokyo Motor Show!

    N Charlotte Toyota Prius c gets super sporty at the Tokyo Motor Show 

    In order to celebrate just how incredible the N Charlotte Toyota Prius c actually is, Toyota created not one but FOUR cool concept cars based off of it. In Japan, this new Toyota hybrid is actually called the Aqua, and the name has been incorporated into each of the concept cars… but you’ll find incredible changes made to each to suit a different type of driver! 

    Let’s take a look at each of these new Toyota concept cars – they’re absolutely incredible! 

    • Toyota Aqua Cross Concept: The Cross Concept of the Toyota Prius c in N Charlotte is all about crossover capabilities. Toyota jacked the hybrid up to give it more height, and wove in elements like a fun and funky cladding along the bottom of the car, as well as a super sporty green paint hue and interior seats that are black-over-green mesh! 
    • Toyota Aqua G Concept: The G concept embodies sportiness to the max. Toyota took the 2013 Toyota Prius c and made it track-worthy with features like a lowered stance, a unique sporty body kit, sport side rocker panels decked out with checkered flag decals, and spindly wheels! 
    • Toyota Aqua Air Concept: Let’s talk convertible – this open-top concept of the new Toyota Prius c was one of the most popular concept cars at the show! It’s not only a convertible hybrid… it also packs details like aluminum-finish hubcaps, LED lighting on the front and rear, alloy wheels, and a sporty red paint color! 
    • Toyota Premi Aqua Concept: This concept gets its origins from the word “premium” (as reflected in the name). It’s all about luxury, and you’ll find elements like a plush leather interior, a front grille that’s reminiscent of a luxury car, and a super sleek and defined exterior! 

    What else does this new Toyota hybrid have to offer? 

    We know we probably won’t see too many (if any) of these new Toyota hybrid concept cars at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, but we DO have the model that inspired it all! When you take the 2013 Toyota Prius c out for a spin you’ll also find elements like: 

    • The Toyota Star Safety System
    • A display audio system with a 6.1 inch touchscreen interface, Entune Audio, MP3 playback and navigation capabilities
    • Sporty style that’s emphasized by fog lights and a rear spoiler 
    • Performance that’s tough to beat – you’ll get 50 mpg combined when behind the wheel! 

    Want to see more in person? Come on down today – you can give us a ring at (888) 883-3797 to learn more, schedule a test drive, and get the scoop on our new car specials! 

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