• Toyota of N Charlotte reveals the differences in the Toyota Prius family!


    The Toyota Prius Family is pretty popular. The models that belong to this eco-friendly family are known practically all around the world for their amazing gas mileage and all the incredible features they have to offer! Have you ever wondered what the differences are between these popular new Toyota hybrids in NC, though?

    We put all these eco-friendly vehicles up side-by-side so drivers can see the exact differences between them, and know which new Toyota Prius near Charlotte is right for them! 

    Find out what the differences are between the Toyota Prius models!

    Even though every model belonging to this eco-friendly and popular group of hybrids might have similar appearances and features, there are some key differences between each model that delivers a different driving experience! 


    Each of the models, Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius c, and Toyota Prius v, are designed to meet specific driving preferences and also attract different drivers. The Toyota Prius c is the most compact of all the options, and at first glance looks like a traditional hatchback! 

    On the other hand, the new Toyota Prius in N Charlotte boasts the iconic hatchback shape but has more flowing arch over the top that makes it stand out a little bit more and adds to its curb-appeal. The Toyota Prius v is another great option to consider. It has more cargo room and also has more space than some small and compact SUVs!


    The interior of each of these hybrid cars also have some differences. For example, since the N Charlotte Toyota Prius v comes with more cargo room, drivers will notice the dashboard has a little bit of a different layout versus what the Toyota Prius delivers. Toyota Prius v has a special space to help store extra small items like a purse or bag, while the new Toyota Prius has a more cockpit-like feel in the interior. 

    Enjoy the features that come in the N Charlotte Toyota Prius Family!

    Besides the fact each of these vehicles come with a different interior and exterior design, there are some features that can be found in each model! For instance, the Toyota Entune System is one option that can be installed so drivers can have easy access to mobile apps and more while they’re on the road. 

    Don’t forget about Bluetooth technology, either! This hi-tech option makes it possible for drivers to stream music AND phone calls through the sound system without a problem! 

    Come and see us at 13429 Statesville Rd to check out this popular hybrid family and to see the differences between the models up close and personal! With so many different options to choose from (and many new Toyota trim-levels to consider), there are plenty of vehicles to consider before deciding on just one.

    Come and see us to speak with one of our team members and to learn more about these eco-friendly new Toyota in N Charlotte today! 


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