• Your check engine light is on – let Toyota of N Charlotte help!


    It’s a little tiny light, but it brings on a huge sense of dread – the check engine light. When it comes on, it can mean a variety of things, but we usually tend to panic and assume the worst. However, Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help! Next time you see that little amber glow on your dash, you can bring your vehicle into our Toyota Service Center with no problem. We offer all of the auto services you might need to fix it, but we’re also going to run through some of the most common reasons your check engine light illuminates. Read on! 

    Toyota of N Charlotte can sort your check engine light out today

    Before you call us at the N Charlotte Toyota Service Center, you should check your gas cap! It may sound silly, but if your gas cap is too loose or faulty, it can cause the check engine light to come on. Park your car and make sure it’s tightened, and that it seems to fit into place correctly. This may solve your problem without the need to seek out auto service in Charlotte! 

    However, if that doesn’t do the trick then there’s a multitude of reasons why you might be getting that warning indicator. You don’t want to ignore any of them – the longer you put off the auto service to fix them, the worse your problem will most likely become. Here are some of the most common causes: 

    • The mass airflow sensor isn’t working. This element in your engine measures how much air is coming in, and then tells your vehicle just how much fuel it should be providing alongside. If the mass airflow sensor isn’t working properly, it has a huge effect on fuel efficiency (and thus, your wallet). It also can have a negative impact on performance, so don’t put this auto service off if you can help it!
    • One of the oxygen sensors has burned out. These special sensors measure unburned oxygen in the exhaust, and when even one stops working it can take a toll on your fuel efficiency AND up the amount of emissions your vehicle is producing. If you think this might be your problem, you definitely want to have our N Charlotte Toyota Service Center take a look at things! 
    • The catalytic converter has taken a leave of absence. It sounds high tech and daunting, but basically this tool cuts down on smog-forming emissions. You want to do your part for the planet, so don’t let this auto service slide if the converter is the problem! 
    • The spark plugs have gone kaput. Spark plugs allow your engine to roar to life, so if they’re not firing correctly you’ll have trouble getting things started! We offer this affordable auto service in Charlotte, too. 

    Why not schedule an appointment at our Toyota Service Center for affordable auto service? 

    The best step to take is to give our Toyota Service Center a ring and an appointment for a checkup. You never want to ignore your check engine light, and with our trained Toyota technicians you know you’re in good hands! Stop by or give them a call at (888) 378-1214 (and ask about our service specials to save big!).  

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