• What is the Toyota Star Safety System?


    Who doesn’t want a feeling of safety and security when they’re hitting the road? Luckily for you, Toyota is one of the leaders in the automotive industry as far as safety research is concerned. They have a special research facility in Michigan – the Collaborative Safety Research Center - where they’re constantly conducting research on innovative new safety technologies that can be implemented in their cars. At our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we’re proud to offer a host of new Toyota and used cars in Charlotte that embrace this research in the form of the Toyota Star Safety System! 

    What is the Toyota Star Safety System?

    What exactly is the Toyota Star Safety System? Basically, it’s a set of six different safety technologies that work both independently and in conjunction with one another to enhance the safety of your driving experience. You’ll find technologies like: 

    • An anti-lock brake system (ABS). This helps to ensure that your brakes don’t lock up if you have to hit them suddenly – locking brakes can cause your new Toyota to skid. ABS actually pulses the power to your brakes to prevent this from happening. 
    • Vehicle Stability Control. This safety technology senses when your new Toyota near Charlotte has lost traction, and takes action accordingly by reducing engine power and applying brake pressure. This helps you to slow down and regain control! 
    • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution. In the Toyota Star Safety System, this is the feature that keeps your new Toyota’s rear brakes from locking up by redistributing brake force equally. 
    • Traction Control. This element in the Star Safety System is responsible for slowing you down when you hit wet or slippery surfaces and lose traction. It allows you to regain control of your N Charlotte Toyota by applying brake force to the wheels still in motion! 
    • Smart Stop Technology. This safety technology is featured in your new Toyota in order to help you bring your car to a complete stop. When you hit the gas and brakes simultaneously, it senses what’s going on and applies full brake power to allow you to safely come to a halt! 
    • Brake Assist. This innovative feature senses when you hit the brakes suddenly, and applies full power for you to it’s easier to come to a complete stop. 

    New Toyota near Charlotte offer additional safety features 

    All six of these features work to ensure that you have an incredibly safe driving experience in your new Toyota near Charlotte – but they’re not the only safety features included! You’ll also find elements like an Advanced Airbag System in many of our new Toyota options, as well as an anti-theft system with engine immobilizer, Whiplash-Injury-Lessening seats, and a tire pressure monitoring system! Options abound, and you can customize your ride with ease! 
    Why not come see all of this incredible technology for yourself? Toyota of N Charlotte is just off I-77, and we’re open until 10pm every night. Give us a call to set up your test drive today at (888) 883-3797, and don’t forget to ask about our new Toyota specials!