• Take care of your Scion with a Charlotte oil change!


    Are you aware of all the different parts that are involved when it comes to taking care of your car? Whether you have a Toyota or a Scion, each make and model requires certain types of auto care and routine care maintenance in Charlotte.

    One type of routine auto repair in Charlotte that each vehicle needs – no matter what the brand is – is an oil change! However, you don’t always have to visit a service center in order to give your car the care it needs. Did you know that with a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily take care of this auto service from your own driveway? 

    Give your Scion an oil change in Charlotte from home! 

    Finding the time (and money) to give your car an oil change in Charlotte can be challenging sometimes. That’s why it can be important and convenient to know how to do this kind of car fluid maintenance on your own! 

    Performing this kind of auto service at home on your own can save some time and money, but in order to do it correctly it’s important to make sure you have the right tools and materials to use, like: 

    • Oil pan
    • Funnel
    • Oil filter wrench
    • Car jack
    • Wrench
    • New oil and oil filter

    Once you’ve gathered all these materials, it’s time to save money and time by taking care of an oil change in Charlotte from home!

    Change the oil in your Scion in no time!

    There are three main steps that are involved when it comes time to change the oil in your car: drain the old oil, swamp the oil filter with a new one, and pour in new oil. 

    Drain the oil

    To drain the old oil, jack up your Scion and place an oil pan underneath it. Turn on the car for a few minutes and let it run so that the old oil will loosen up and get a little bit warm – this will help it drip out easier. Use the wrench to unscrew the oil plug, and then let the old fluid drain out completely before putting the plug back in. 

    Change the oil filter

    Besides the old oil needing to be changed, the oil filter also needs to be swapped out. If you’re not sure where the oil filter is located, you can always check the owner’s manual! Before taking out the old one and putting the new one in, make sure you lubricate the gasket ring of the new filter. All you need to do this is take some of the new oil and rub it across the top of the gasket ring to create a seal!

    Pour in new oil

    After the old oil has dripped out and the new oil filter is in place, it’s time to complete this at-home oil change in Charlotte by pouring the new oil in! Simply locate the oil fill hole and use the funnel to pour the new oil in. 

    If you have any questions or want to bring your Scion by for one of our techs to check it out in person, all you have to do is come visit us! We’re found at 13429 Statesville Rd!  


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