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SPONSORED: Toyota of N Charlotte’s quick guide to fixing car dents

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So you dinged your door on a pole. Or maybe a wayward shopping cart hit your car. Or maybe your kid hit your door with a football. No matter what causes them, dents are unsightly and a good way to make your N Charlotte Toyota look less-than-new. However, you MAY not need to invest in auto body repair to restore your car to its prior condition, depending on the dent itself. Check out these quick tricks to remove car dents to see if any of them work on your ride before you schedule auto body repairs! 

Five ways you may be able to fix a car dent 

Trick #1: Plunger 

It may seem silly, but a plunger can actually get the job done when it comes to getting rid of minor dents. It works best on car doors or side panels, and it’s worth a shot. Just place the wet plunger over the dent, get a seal going, and plunge away! 

Trick #2: Boiling water

Be careful not to burn yourself with this one, but boiling water is worth a shot when it comes to getting a car dent out of your car bumper. The plastic that bumpers are made of is more pliable than the rest of the car, so pour boiling water over it to make it even more malleable, and then see if you can use your hands to physically push the dent out. 

Trick #3: Hair dryer and compressed air

This method uses hot and cold to try to pop the dent out. First, you should heat the dent with the hair dryer on the hottest setting to make the material expand. Next, hit the car dent with the compressed air - the cold temperature will make the material contract and hopefully, pop the dent out. Repeat a few times to see if it works before you give up. 

Trick #4: Dry ice 

This one may or may not work but it’ll definitely look cool while you try. For this particular method of removing a car dent, put on gloves (trust us) and grab some dry ice. Basically, you just rub the dry ice all over the dent and it should pop itself out rather quickly due to contraction. 

Trick #5: Metal rod and rubber knockdown 

This method is a little more technical but might get your N Charlotte Toyota better results. You’ll use a long metal rod to underside of the dent and the rubber knockdown to apply force so you can physically pop the dent out. 

Schedule auto body repair at Toyota of N Charlotte 

You can also buy car dent removal kits online or at a parts store if none of the above DIY methods do the trick. But if you just can’t get the job done or don’t want to even attempt it in the first place, call Toyota of N Charlotte! Our auto body repair shop can get your N Charlotte Toyoa back on the road looking brand new in no time. You can reach us at (704) 659-2040 or stop by 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville. 

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