Crafting cocktails at PARA

CHARLOTTE — In January, PARA opened its doors, joining the growing food and bar scene in Charlotte’s South End.

Behind the restaurant’s exquisite bar, patrons will find mixologist Yashira “Yoshi” Mejia.

She’s also the bar manager and she says it’s important to create balance in her cocktails.

“When we indulge in, whether it’s food or drinks, we use all our senses,” Mejia said.

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She draws inspiration from her own culture when she’s creating new drinks.

“I’m Afro Latina. My mother is Puerto Rican and my father is from Nicaragua, and so I wanted to make sure that not only with the vibrant colors, and I feel that matches my personality, but it’s also more so the flavor,” Mejia said. “So, you’re going to see the coconut rum in there, the colors, the flowers. I think more of what people expect out of a vacation.”

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