Charlotte therapist takes national stage for mental health awareness

A man who was diagnosed with a mental health disorder said it’s his mission to spread awareness, especially to the minority community, and is taking his message to a national level.

Rwenshaun Miller is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, and he will be featured on the A&E Network under the Voices Magnified banner, focusing on mental health in America, in partnership with OZY.

Voices Magnified is a cross-platform campaign spotlighting and amplifying the voices of those making changes in their communities for the greater good.

“I’m grateful that A&E and OZY have given me the opportunity to magnify my voice and share with others that you can continue to thrive even with a mental health diagnosis,” Miller said.

Miller is a successful Charlotte business owner and therapist.

He’s earned a master’s degree in counseling, is working towards his doctorate, has founded a nonprofit, Eustress Inc., and has authored a book.

“I was diagnosed with bipolar about 15 years ago,” Miller said. “But bipolar doesn’t define me. I am Rwenshaun first.”

Bipolar affective disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

For years Miller has been spreading mental health awareness to others, and the opportunity on A&E will take his personal mission to a national audience.

Representing the collective voice of the A&E Networks portfolio, the initiative creates thought-provoking specials and a robust series of short-form videos that give a national spotlight to timely and important conversations on equality and social reform which are occurring across America today.

“The things that we go through can serve as an opportunity to grow and help others,” Miller said. “I believe I personify that. And others around the world get to see that.”

As the chief executive officer of The Good Stress Company, Miller and his team of counselors begin the process of therapy by addressing the challenges of clients.

“Our goal is to provide compassionate, supportive and non-judgmental support in a safe and nurturing environment,” Miller said. “With the right mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual skill-set, you can go from living to thriving, experiencing life in a much healthier way.”

Premiering Monday, September 20, at 10:00 p.m., the one-hour special “Voices Magnified: Mental Health Crisis” showcases honest and personal stories of Americans from across the country, highlighting the critical issue of mental health in America.

Hosted by OZY’s Carlos Watson, the special includes insights with mental health experts and focuses on actionable steps we can take as a country.

Using impactful first-person stories, the special strives to end the stigma associated with conversations around mental health and will help viewers understand signs and symptoms, give tools for coping, and educate on different ways people can get help.

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