A community cop full of compassion for the less fortunate

A community cop full of compassion for the less fortunate

In the shadow of the death of George Floyd and the ramifications of the coronavirus, communities across the country are facing a complex convergence of social justice and inequity.

In Charlotte, unsung heroes rise up — those who do good deeds out of a pure heart; people like Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Jatasha Bias.

“There’s a lot of bad stigma in the Black community about police officers,” Bias said. “My motivation is to try and change that.”

One of the reasons Bias was drawn to a career in law enforcement was to give back to the community and serve others.  She calls her service Cops Care.

“We encounter homeless people every day. I’ve been on calls where there are people with nothing in their homes. Just the bare floor mattress,” she said. “When we meet these people we want to help with a coat, gloves, a goodie bag.  Sometimes people just need some water.”

Homeless encampments pop up across the city, and many people are struggling to find the basic essentials of food or toiletries.

“Businesses are closing and it isn’t easy for a lot of people to get a job,” she said.  

“If we can assist in a little way here or there, we can talk to these people and get to know them to see what they need.”

As needs in our city continue to grow, the coronavirus has complicated reaching those people most in need.

Life for a lot of people isn’t easy, but Bias and her colleagues are focused on doing their part for the common good of everyone.

“My hope is that when people encounter an officer, that it’s not all bad. It’s not all negative. Maybe they’ll remember that time that this officer helped them out,” she said.

With the chill of winter in full force, Bias was picking up some donated coats on Friday. She has already received some sneakers and toiletry items.

Coats, gloves and warm caps will be some of the most needed items for the less fortunate over the next many months.

“Many of the homeless population don’t have access to masks and hand sanitizers. Toiletries like a toothbrush, some lotion, just the simple things that some people take for granted that they don’t have access to,” Bias said.

With all the challenges facing our community, it is obvious that Bias will stay in place for as long as it takes, and she is working and serving every day.

You can take any donations to CMPD Eastway Division, 3505 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205.

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