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Water break, roof collapse gave community opportunity to restore woman’s home

When Lakisha’s grandparents left her the house she grew up in, it felt like a blessing. But then, a water break and a roof collapse turned her dreams into a nightmare.

She spent many nights crying and praying, trying to figure out a way out of the situation. She even considered just giving up and selling.

Finally, she found Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte, a nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities.

In Charlotte, the group was focusing on Lakisha’s neighborhood.

Rebuilding Together’s volunteers and contractors went to work restoring the structure.

Once the water damage and mold were eliminated, the roof was rebuilt and the walls and floors were restored to pristine condition.

Still, Lakisha was facing an empty space filled with nothing but memories. All the furniture in the home had been damaged beyond repair.

She was referred to Crisis Assistance Ministry, where Lakisha and her children were able to select essentials from donated items.

Next, volunteers from Elevation Church loaded and unloaded her freshly sanitized mattresses and recently built dressers.

It felt like one more miracle. As repairs began to wind down and furniture began to arrive, her worry was replaced with joy and a deep sense of gratitude.

“It hit me all at once,” Lakisha said. “It was like the angels are singing. It’s really happening.”

Lakisha began to feel the presence of her grandparents and to picture her children “laughing, playing, rippin’ and runnin’” in the home once more.

When she finally sets the table for family dinner again, Lakisha said, “I know my grandparents will be here — I know they’re watching. It’s going to be so exciting. I know they would be so proud.”

She’s grateful for the partnership between Rebuilding Together and Crisis Assistance Ministry and for all the community support that came together to restore home for her family.

“Thank you,” Lakisha said. “It really is a blessing.”

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