Tens of thousands of school supplies donated at Charlotte Fire stations

Over the past two months, the community has donated tens of thousands of school supplies at Charlotte Fire Department stations.

The department partnered with WSOC-TV for the annual 9 School Tools campaign and collected school supplies from Charlotte and Mecklenburg County residents.

“We are part of the community, and many of our neighbors have been adversely impacted financially due to Covid and the pandemic, so we want to be able to provide for those people that aren’t able to provide for themselves,” said Chief Reginald Johnson, Charlotte Fire Department.

While school supplies were collected from 43 Charlotte Fire Department stations beginning in July, the fire department delivered the biggest donation today at Classroom Central.

Along with the fire department mascot Blaze and Lady Katherine “Cat,” the first official Charlotte Fire Department K-9 therapy dog, firefighters from Station 13 pulled in to help unload tens of thousands of school supplies that have been donated.

“There is great importance that a student is able to go to class and have book bags and school supplies and not have to worry about what they don’t have,” Johnson said. “It helps their confidence, it helps their self-esteem and they’re able to pay more attention in class which is exactly what we want.”

“We must truly thank the community for coming together and being able to provide tens of thousands of items for the students in need,” Johnson said.

This was the 25 annual 9 School Tools collection, in partnership with Classroom Central and Communities in Schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, the WSOC-TV 9 School Tools program has collected school supplies, which are then distributed free to students in grades K-12.

All materials distributed at the Classroom Central are given to help create inviting learning environments and support the academic and personal growth of students whose families lack the resources needed to purchase school supplies.

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