• How the Food Babe began


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Vani Hari is known by two names. In her normal day-to-day routine she is Vani, but to her followers she is Food Babe.

    After suffering from some serious health issues, Hari became very passionate about understanding what is in the food that she is eating – how it is grown, what chemicals are used in its production and what eating food does or doesn't do for the body.

    "I suffered from a lot of health problems early on in my career. I got a really cool job that demanded a lot of hours and traveling, so I was away from home eating whatever people in the office brought in. I got so sick and so overweight that I gained about 30 pounds within a few months, that I had appendicitis. A lot of people think that appendicitis has nothing to do with the way you eat, it's a random occurrence, a lot of doctors think that it is just random, but I have no doubt that the reason why I had appendicitis was because of the way I was eating. It was kind of that life changing moment that brought me to bring health as my number one priority," said Hari.

    Hari, after learning and reading book upon book about living clean, taught herself how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle despite a busy schedule. From reading and learning, she decided to she wanted to spread her knowledge, so she began blogging.

    "I said, 'OK, yeah I will start a blog.' So I started it last year in April, and I write about things I do on a daily basis," said Hari.

    She laughed as she said that her name, "Food Babe," came from her husband one night when they were pondering unique names for her blog and not having much success. Hari said her husband just said the name and she said, "Sure, why not!"

    From her blogging, Hari gained a large following and has been able to spread her message rather far.

    She said that her experiences with health experiences and healthy eating helped to reduce the number of prescription medications that she has to take, and she is very passionate and hopeful that she can impact many people.

    "I make sure that I research and put out a good set of information for people to learn from and I give people the practical information: what's in a certain food, how to avoid it and what you can do instead," said Hari.

    Hari admits that she is now much healthier than she was before she started learning about nutrition, and she wants others to be able to help themselves in the same easy way that she does.

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