1 Year Later, Police Search For Leads In Mooresville Murder

MOORESVILLE, N.C.,None — Wednesday marked a painful anniversary for a Mooresville family.

One year ago, someone shot and killed 31-year-old Matthew Stewart in his home on Shepherd Hill Drive. His wife, Angela, was also shot, but survived.

Mooresville police have not made any arrests in the case. Officers said they have clues, but need more leads. They are asking for the public's help in closing the case.

VIDEO: 1 Year Later, Police Search For Leads In Mooresville Murder

Police said Stewart, described by neighbors and friends as a family man, was shot by someone who broke into his house while he and his family slept. Chief Carl Robbins wouldn't discuss any evidence in the case, but said the biggest hurdle is trying to figure out who would want to hurt the family.

Neighbors in the area expressed similar sentiments.

"It's like it's a dream still, because we saw Matt, like, almost every day," a neighbor named Michele said. "Coming home from work or out in the yard with his kids playing."

Robbins said he doesn't want another anniversary of the crime to come and go, which is why he's asking for the public's help now.

"Even if people feel like maybe it's not significant, please call us with that information and let us investigate it," he said.

There's an $11,000 reward for information in the case that can lead to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call Mooresville Crime Stoppers at 704-658-9056.

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