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9 Investigates: Most dangerous intersections in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On average, there are 73 crashes a day in Charlotte.

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The Charlotte Department of Transportation puts out a High Accident Location, or HAL, list every year.

Four of the top 10 worst intersections in Charlotte:

  • Reagan Drive at Tom Hunter Road.
  • John Kirk Drive at University City Boulevard.
  • North Tryon Street at University Pointe Boulevard.
  • East W.T. Harris Boulevard at North Tryon Street.

All four locations are in or near University City.

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"We're a crossroads for Charlotte. Marrying that with large roads, high speeds plus pedestrians, it's a recipe for what is happening right now," said Tobe Holmes, the planning and development coordinator for University City Partners.

He said that traffic and infrastructure are a primary concern as University City grows.

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"If we don't fix our path regarding these big roads, we're in trouble," Holmes said.

Channel 9 checked out the four intersections in University City and captured close calls with drivers running stop signs and red lights.

"I've almost got hit a good three times at this intersection," said Chris Butler, who often uses the intersection of John Kirk Drive and University City Boulevard.

He wasn't surprised that it is one of the worst spots in Charlotte.

"Oh, you should see it. Sometimes car parts be scattered here through the day," said Butler.

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Experts said the long, wide roads of University City, combined with high speeds along with an increasing number of drivers and pedestrians, could be why this area is one of the most dangerous places to drive.

"About a decade ago, it wasn't as busy as it is now. And Lord knows how it's going to be five years from now. It could be worse," said Butler.

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