Whistleblower 9

Whistleblower 9 investigates CMPD scandal involving nude photos

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new Whistleblower 9 Investigation has uncovered questionable behavior taking place at the 911 call center operated by the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department.

The brewing scandal involves X-rated photographs and accusations of sexual misconduct.

Whistleblower 9 received a package in the mail a few days ago that held a disc with computer files.

That disk contained Facebook Messenger conversations between a woman, who wanted to apply for a job at the CMPD call center, and a man, who works there as a police dispatcher.

Whistleblower 9's Paul Boyd investigated the computer files and verified the authenticity of the conversations.

The messages begins innocently enough with the man who works for CMPD helping the woman get information to submit a job application.

But the tone of the conversation quickly changes.

The woman had just moved to town, and the dispatcher asks her:

  • "what u doing fri night... U wanna talk n person bout the job?"

The dispatcher and woman both begin to flirt, and he messages her:

  • "ur very nice looking!!"

The flirting continues. And after a few days, the dispatcher asks the female job applicant for a nude photograph. She eventually agrees. But first, she wants to be sure that sending that nude picture will help her get the job.

  • "...You have to do what ever you can to help me get hired," she asks.

The dispatcher assures her, "i will talk to the female that helps with hiring when i see her"

"what will you say/do?" the woman replies.

"just going to tell her i have friend... ...and she would be a good one to hire," the dispatcher says.

"you promise?" the woman asks.

The dispatcher responds with an emphatic, "yes!!"

At that point, the woman sends the dispatcher a fully nude photo of herself.

The dispatcher responds with naked pictures of himself, sent while on the job. Although it should be pointed out that his nude photos do not appear to have been snapped at work.

"i can't believe i'm doing this," the woman types.

"same here," replies the dispatcher.

The dispatcher is supposed to be focused on 911 police calls.

At one point, he even apologizes to the woman for the work distraction, "im sorry. Had a robbery call"

Then, he asks to meet the woman in a series of messages:

  • "let me see u baby!!"
  • "the last pic u sent got my attention!!"
  • "i think ur cute and sexy!!"
  • "i really want to see u..."

The woman wrote in her letter to Whistleblower 9 that she came to believe she would need to have sex with this man to secure the job in CMPD's 911 call center.

When she found out the dispatcher had a girlfriend, she stopped messaging him.

Whistleblower 9 brought the details of our investigation to officials at CMPD headquarters and asked how something like this could happen?

CMPD spokesman Robert Tufano responded with a statement that reads:

"Members with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are expected to conduct themselves to the highest professional standards and will be held accountable when they fail to so. The CMPD's Internal Affairs Unit is currently investigating the allegations. Employees with the communications division are permitted access to the Internet to utilize the resources of the web for work related inquiries. Employees are permitted to access the Internet for personal use during brief down times. Currently, the communications division is moving forward to utilize the technology of screen capture, which would record and monitor the internet activity of tele-communicators."

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