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Lawmaker looks into more protection for homeowners

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An Action 9 investigation may lead to new laws.

Customers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom homes and ended up in financial and legal trouble.

Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke stayed on top of this problem and found a state lawmaker who plans to tackle the issue in the General Assembly.

Customers and Stoogenke have been talking to state leaders ever since Action 9 investigated the issue in May, to see what can be done to better protect consumers and home buyers.


The Kikers hired Carbon Custom Homes to build their dream home. Toward the end, the company went out business.

"It was horrible, just really horrible, especially when one of the subcontractors got a lien on the property,” Tania Kiker said. “There was a lot of crying, a lot of anger, a lot of arguments."

Several other people hired the same builder.

"We are stuck in the middle,” customer Cindy Webber said. “We are stuck in a no-man's-land."

"I mean, it's just one thing after another," customer Patrick Bane said.

There have also been lawsuits filed.

"There are laws that protect the bank,” customer Jeremy Brown said. “There are laws that protect the builder. There are laws that protect insurance companies. There are not laws that protect us as homeowners."

N.C. Rep Mark Brody, R-Union County, said the issue needs to be addressed.

He's the only contractor in the General Assembly. He said he already spoke with the state contractor board. He is also looking at other states' laws and plans to work on legislation next session.

"I'll be putting together something that will address this, as well as other issues that we have," Brody said.

Kiker feels hopeful.

“I'm hoping that they do make changes to protect homeowners," Kiker said.

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