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More than 90 viewers complain to Action 9 about GM vibration issue

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — An Action 9 investigation is growing as many drivers who own General Motors cars and trucks claim their vehicles vibrate.

Many of them call the problem the "Chevy shake" or "Chevy shudder," but the issue involves more than just Chevrolets.

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Action 9's Jason Stoogenke has received more than 90 complaints thus far about the shaking.

One of those viewers, Wesley Sherrill, has a 2018 Chevrolet Colorado. He bought it new and said the sticker price was around $36,000.

Sherrill told Action 9 he’d only put about 1,200 miles on the truck when it started having the vibration issues.

"You're going down the freeway, and it would do this shudder, like running over rumble strips," he said.

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Sherrill knows cars -- he's an auto mechanic.

"You spend your hard-earned money to step out and buy a new vehicle, and you want something nice to drive, and you feel like you're going with a vehicle you can trust, a brand you can trust," he said.

If you have this vibration issue:

Sherrill told Action 9 he took his truck to the dealership three times. He was so frustrated by the third visit that he told himself, "This is it, or they're buying it back. I'm done."

But on that third trip, the dealer replaced a part called the torque converter, and it fixed the issue.

"I've never had a problem out of it since," Sherrill said.

Several viewers who contacted Action 9 said their dealer also blamed the torque converter and either repaired or replaced it. For some, it worked. For others, it didn’t.

There are numerous comments about the torque converter online -- some insist it's the solution for all customers with the vibration problem, but others disagree.

Stoogenke asked GM about the issue, but the company had not responded by 5 p.m. Thursday.

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