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BBB warns of con artists targeting job seekers on websites

CHARLOTTE — Officials with the Better Business Bureau said they are seeing an increase in con artists who are targeting people who use job recruitment websites.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke explains they are not only trying to steal your identity but to trick you into depositing possibly stolen checks.

A woman, who wanted to be identified as Kim, said she was targeted by a person pretending to be a job recruiter for Avis Budget Group.

“He reached out to me through my cellphone by text message and mentioned Indeed,” Kim told Stoogenke.

She said only after a few questions, she was offered the job.

The final red flag was when the man sent her a check overnight for $4,000 to purchase work supplies.

The aim was for her to cash that check.

The BBB said thieves use the specific scheme to grab people’s identities and worse, making their victims unknowingly commit fraud by depositing stolen checks.

The swindlers will in turn make an excuse on how to send the money back to them through apps, such as Zelle or Cash App.

“He was very specific as to how I needed to manage that check,” Kim said.

The BBB said a sign to look for is overly eager recruiters who are quick to offer you a job.

The BBB also warns others if the recruiter asks you to buy supplies, that is a red flag.

Kim said the man would only message her through a third-party messaging app called Telegram, which is another popular site con artists are using to manipulate people.

“This can lead to identity theft, fraud, everything,” the BBB said.

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