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License plate mismatch turns into frustration for Huntersville woman who parked at Music Factory

CHARLOTTE — A Huntersville woman who attended a show at the AvidXchange Music Factory says she was issued a $75 parking ticket even though she paid for her parking spot at the venue’s designated lot.

It all stems from a disagreement over a license plate.

Hillary Walker went to a concert at the Music Factory, parked in the AvidXchange lot, and paid $20. She says she put her name in, her license plate, and her credit card, and she went inside to enjoy the event. But afterward, she noticed something on her car that soured her night.

“There was a $75 citation on the car and it said ... because I didn’t pay,” Walker told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.

So Walker took her complaint to the parking company, RISETEK Global. She said the business told her the license plate she paid for didn’t match the one on the car that was in the parking spot.

“I asked what license plate they’re talking about, and they gave me my daughter’s license plate,” Walker said. “What I think happened is somehow when I typed my information, because of the same credit card and my name, it somehow picked up her license plate instead of mine.”

Action 9 asked Walker if there was any chance she could’ve typed in the wrong license plate number, and she said no, because she doesn’t know her daughter’s license plate by heart.

So we emailed RISETEK Global, and about an hour and a half later, we got a response saying that Walker typed in the wrong license plate information and that the citation was correctly issued.

“We have no way to validate if her story is indeed true. While we would love to be able to take everyone’s word on matters such as these, this would make our services even more challenging than they already are,” RISETEK said to Action 9 in a statement.

But Walker’s persistence paid off.

“In this case, I am going to overrule our standard procedures and ... void her citation,” RISETEK told Action 9. “Based upon her passion in disputing this particular citation I am inclined to believe her story here.”

Walker said she’s relieved after learning the news, but she did ask, “Why does it matter whose license plate is there as long as you’re getting your money?”

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