More customers wonder what EatWorkPlay did with their money

More customers wonder what EatWorkPlay did with their money

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The group EatWorkPlay canceled its November gala just days before the event. EWP promised refunds, but Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has yet to find a single person who said he or she has gotten one.

The North Carolina Attorney General is investigating complaints against the organization. Action 9 checked with his office Friday and learned there are now 12 complaints against EWP.

The gala was supposed to be for charity for Levine Children’s Hospital. At last check, Atrium Health, which runs the hospital, said it hadn’t received any of the money either.

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Customers wonder whether EWP kept the money for itself and, if so, whether this is fraud.

Stoogenke asked police if they’re investigating, and officers said someone would have to file a police report first.

Michael Ernske bought two tickets to the gala for a total of $290. When EWP canceled the event, he said he went online and filled out the form to get his money back.

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He told Stoogenke he has been repeatedly asking the man behind EWP, Davon Bailey, for a refund.

“I send daily emails asking, ‘Hey, may I have an update? At least let me know when or have you even processed it?’ Or, ‘Hey, we haven’t gotten to you yet because they’re so many refunds we have to process.’ And haven’t heard from him,” Ernske said.

Action 9 emailed Bailey but the message bounced back. We also called his cell, and went by the most recent address Action 9 has for him -- but no one answered the phone or door.