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Does Selecting ‘Credit’ When Using a Debit Card Increase Purchase Protection?

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I Select ‘Credit’ When Using My Debit Card. Is That Good or Not?

John from Florida asks: "I know Clark's not a fan of debit cards for purchases, but I select "credit" when using my debit card for groceries, etc. Is that not good, and why?"

Clark’s Take on Whether Selecting ‘Credit’ Helps Protect You When Using a Debit Card

Clark says: When you use a debit card and select "credit" when making purchases, it's good for the card issuer. The consumer? Not so much.

“It’s really good for the bank or credit union that issued your debit card when you clear it as credit, but … clearing a debit card as a credit card does not change the lack of consumer protections you have on a debit card. It just makes the bank or credit union more money and costs the merchant more money.”

“A debit card is potentially dangerous because Congress has never passed consumer protections for debit cards. Protections have existed for credit cards for almost 60 years,” Clark says.

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