Investigation of shooting in Gastonia home at a standstill

The investigation into the shooting of a 9-year-old boy in Gastonia has hit a roadblock as no one has come forward to provide information to the Gastonia Police Department.

Channel 9 reported when the shooting happened in August 19. JD was watching TV in his living room when someone fired shots outside their home on West Fourth Avenue, near West Garrison Boulevard that night. A bullet went through the wall and hit JD in his face. Doctors say it’s a miracle the bullet stopped in his eye.

Mary Jackson, JD’s mother, said he was innocent and the ordeal has rocked her family to its core.

“He said that when is his eye going to grow back so he can see again,” Jackson said, “It’s difficult especially for me as his mother to try to put a smile on his face and not get answers.”

>>In the video at the top of this webpage, Gaston County reporter Ken Lemon speaks with the boy’s mother Mary Jackson about the investigation into the shooting of her son in his Gastonia home.

GPD understands the mother’s frustrations. Potential witnesses are reluctant to talk to them, and forensic examinations on witness cellphones can be a long process.

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