'I got shot': Student survivor opens up about UNCC shooting for first time

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For the first time, a University of North Carolina at Charlotte student opened up about the shooting on campus that nearly killed him.

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Drew Pescaro is one of the four students who was shot last month and survived. Two students, Riley Howell and Reed Parlier, were killed.

Howell ran toward the gunman and lost his life saving others that day.

“Being in the room with the other two who did not, that plays a toll on me a lot,” said Pescaro.

He is now recovering at home in Apex after being released from the hospital last week.

The 19-year-old told WRAL he was shot in the back -- just an inch from his spine.

He said he remembers yelling out, "I got shot." and an ROTC student ran to his side.

“He was holding my hand. Basically, saying all this stuff like you’re going to be successful. You’re gonna have a big family. You’re gonna able to tell one hell of a story when you get through this,” said Pescaro.

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Pescaro is expected to return to the hospital next week to have stitches removed and said he’s thankful to be alive.

The other three students who survived are still trying to cope with the tragedy as well.

Sean Dehart and Emily Houpt are recovering and Rami Alramadhan recently had surgery to remove a bullet from his stomach.