• 'Identity theft ring' accused of defrauding, stealing from dozens of people

    By: Elsa Gillis


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - It's an issue that concerns us all.

    Constantly, you hear of new ways thieves are trying to steal your identity.

    Now, an affidavit lays out a case against a group federal investigator’s call: 'the identity theft ring'.

    The group is accused of targeting victims in their own homes, stealing people's "mail, real estate listings, and other public records" to execute its scheme.

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    They reportedly used that personal information to create counterfeit driver's licenses. From there, the group is accused of opening credit accounts at places such as Lowe's and Northern Tool under other people's names and spending thousands, even buying cars.

    According to the court documents, Kevin Bennett-Rosario played a big role.

    The documents say Rosario tried to buy a $43,000 Lexus at Formula One Imports in Charlotte using a counterfeit driver's license and a stolen identity. In a search of one of the ring member's homes, where Rosario was present before leaving, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers said they found 72 counterfeit licenses. 

    At a Homewood Suites, an employee called police after finding 33 counterfeit licenses abandoned. Over half of them had Rosario's and another ring member's photos, with other people's names and information, the documents say. 

    The affidavit claims Rosario tried to run from police at least twice before being caught and, at one point, he jumped out of a second-floor hotel window and ran away.

    He's now in jail facing several charges.

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