• Mother of 16-year-old who drowned in quarry says his memory lives on


    ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. - Shavice Tandy, 16, died Sunday at a local quarry in Rowan County.

    The boy’s mother, Marissa Tandy, worked up the strength to share the memory of her son with Channel 9 Wednesday.

    "I never imagined anything like this and sometimes I even fear the future because each day it seems to get more real," she said.

    It happened the day before Shavice was going to start his junior year at East Rowan High School.

    "He said, 'I’m going to make straight A's this year and I’m going to play on the basketball team.' He said, 'I’m going to be the star over there,'" Marissa told Channel 9.

    She described her son's pure heart and how he was always willing to help a friend.

    “He would come to me if a friend didn't have a place to stay or something,” Marissa said. “He would say, 'Hey ma, he needs a place to stay, he’s having a rough time at home or something, can he stay here with us for a little while?'"

    The Rowan County Sheriff's Office said Shavice tried to swim across the quarry. He was last seen 60 yards from the bank.

    Neighbors described trespassing at the dangerous quarry as a constant problem.

    Marissa said she came to the quarry to see it for herself. Even after losing her son, she said there were children still swimming there.

    "It broke my heart to get that call that day. I just, I don't ever want another person to have to deal with something like that," she said.

    She told Channel 9 that her son's memory will live on as an organ donor.

    "Just like I got that call and it was the worst call I’ve ever gotten in my life, that next morning or so I’m sure that was the best call in somebody else's life,” Marissa said. "I know he's up in heaven telling me everything is going to be alright because that what he would always tell me."

    Marissa also thanked the rescuers who searched for her son in the quarry.

    You can leave messages and prayers for the family on Channel 9's Facebook page.

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