2 Chester police officers cleared in shooting death of armed man outside Walmart

The Attorney General’s Office said two Chester police officers were acting in self-defense when they shot and killed Ariane McCree, 28, in the parking lot of the Walmart on J.A. Cochran Bypass on Nov. 23, 2019.

They will not be prosecuted as a result of those findings.

A Walmart cashier told investigators that McCree walked out of the store without paying for some items. McCree came back to the store later that morning and was detained by off-duty police officers who were working store security, the attorney general said.

They handcuffed McCree and found a pocketknife and some cash on him.

Security footage showed McCree running into an officer, opening the door to the office and running out of the store while handcuffed, the attorney general said.

Officers chased McCree who headbutted one of them then ran off.

Two witnesses saw McCree get into a car and come out holding a gun while still handcuffed.

McCree pointed the pistol at an officer, who feared for his life and those of others.

The attorney general said the officer shot at McCree, who pointed the gun at the officer again.

The officer fired at McCree before running out of ammunition. He called for backup, and when a second officer arrived, McCree once again pointed the gun at them. That officer shot at McCree.

The first officer who shot at McCree was not wearing a body-worn camera, and there was no Walmart video surveillance footage of the shooting, the attorney general said.

The second officer’s body camera footage showed that McCree was shot and collapsed to the ground.

McCree’s gun was seen on video as the officer tried to pry the weapon away from him.

They finally got the gun from McCree before he was taken to a hospital, where he died.